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My name is Colbe Barrett. That’s what this meat suit avatar that I incarnated into was named anyway. I’m an astrologer, musician, and... multi-dimensional space wizard. Most of my life was spent wondering why reality on Earth felt so wrong and I practically walked myself through the depths of Hell trying to escape it. After starting a deep healing process in 2012, astrology found it’s way to me. After discovering who I am and why I felt that way, it became a tool to help others do the same. I also came to understand that I have an intuitive power to help people heal and clear blockages in their lives. I’ve found this to be a passion of mine and accepted my soul’s mission to help others who feel the same as me to create a new reality on Earth that collectively aligns with our soul’s desires.

- Colbe Barrett

    Sloth Soul Astrology LLC



My consultations are uniquely blended to meet each individual’s needs. Mostly astrology based using natal, progressed, or transits; along with a splash of tarot when it’s called for. I do what I can to stay the most objective in helping clients with whatever they currently need. Energy healing will occur whether I’m doing wacky reiki hand jesters or not.

Personal astrologer
& mentorship service

I love having repeat clients, but what I love even more is working with repeat clients and after a while I get to see everything click in their head once they’re familiar enough with interpreting astrology and growing past paying me for readings because they can do it on their own. That being said, I’ve spent this past Mercury retrograde designing a package that can hopefully help people reach that point in a shorter period of time.


The package includes my Fundamentals of Astrology Webinar’s PDF summarizing the basics of the language and how to interpret all of the individual pieces (signs, planets, houses, aspects, etc.), a full natal chart reading, nearest solar return reading, and a long-term progressed chart reading. That will give you a broad understanding of your chart and overview of major upcoming themes. 


From there we’ll do a lunar return chart reading every month and weekly consultations discussing current transits, relationship charts, or just helping your understanding of everything as you experience it in real time. I believe being consistent with observing your transits and discussing them with an astrologer as you’re experience them is the best way to gain your greatest understanding of astrology.


This is how I started and as a result, I started doing it for my friends and I accidentally became a professional astrologer. This is going to be limited to very few at a time so I can still show up fully for the rest of my clients (and myself) while investing this type of energy into 1 on 1 mentorships. This isn’t a cheap service but the value of the knowledge I developed through using this method has been absolutely priceless for me and I want to be able to offer it and help other people who are ready for it. So if you want your understanding of astrology to be taken to the next level and manifesting the best possible outcome of your chart, this is what I’ve made for you. Feel free to email me with any questions, or go ahead and sign up and let’s get to work!


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If you have any questions, I might be slow getting back to you but you can shoot me an e-mail at or contact me on Facebook or Instagram.

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